It was in around 1830 that our ancestor Joseph Gay-des Combes opened the first inn at the summit of the Col de la Forclaz with his wife.

Subsequent extensions have led to the look that the inn has today. L'hôtel du Col de la Forclaz is still owned by the same family. The 6th generation of the family welcomes today's travellers to the inn.

R. Toepfer, T. Cook, Goethe, G. Flemwell, E. Javelle, E. Wymper, V. Hugo, A. Dumas : just a few of the famous tourists who have visited before you…
The Swiss entry point to the Mont-Blanc region, le Col de la Forclaz (1527m/5010ft) connects Martigny (Switzerland) to Chamonix in the Haute-Savoie (France).

Located at the northern tip of the Massif du Mont Blanc, Col de la Forclaz provides access to the Haute Vallee du Trient: a vast and unspoilt wilderness and an alpine hiking paradise in both summer and winter.